If your are wondering why all of a sudden these Central American children are coming to the USA, the media will tell you that they are escaping the dangerous drug cartel.  “All of a sudden”?  I don’t think so and here’s why.  One radio source talked about the current administration being behind all this.  The reason - to stir up the American people and provide further impetus for the immediate need to pass the Immigration Reform Legislature (i.e. Amnesty) in Congress.

What is the proof you say?  Well, as far back as January of this year, the Federal Government put out a government jobs ad for “Escort Services for UACs at the border”.  UAC stands for Unaccompanied Alien Children.  In this case escort means transporting and chaperoning.  OK, that means that in January Washington knew that they were expecting some large influx of alien children.  In fact the ad mentions that they expected the numbers to be….. Are you ready?   65,000 children.

I wasn’t shocked by the report - which no where in the regular media would you hear this -  but, I thought I had better check for myself and not just blindly take the word of a conservative broadcast.

I Googled: Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and sure enough the government ad was there with the 65,000 figure, and dated this past Jan. 29.

So now what’s happening?  We are spending large amounts of taxpayer  money to house, feed, clothe, transport and generally care for these alien children (65,000 or more of them).  And basically, we are paying for the movement to pass Immigration Reform Legislature.  And,  the border guards are acting as nurse-maids instead of securing our border.  What a sham!

 The current Democratic administration put the “come on over” word out clandestinely to Central America in January and here we are.  Is there no shame in this administration?


John Spitler, Tucson

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John Flanagan

I agree. This problem belongs to Obama. He and most progressive Democrats have a strategy to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens, and since when does the administration really care about the borders or sovereignty of the United States? But there is more. Illegal aliens do not just come in through Mexico. They fly to NY and LA, let their visas expire, and just stay indefinitely. Also, many are smuggled in by the many unchecked ships sailing into places like Boston Harbor and Seattle. It is one big mess.

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