The previous supervisor in District 1 was Ms. Ann Day, who was a “go along to get along” supervisor. It was stated that Mrs. Miller needs to get along with her “friends” on the board.  Well,.....Ms. Day would on many occasions speak against a motion, then instead of voting no,  Ms. Day would vote yes with her friends on the board.  Her reward for that wonderful “friendly” behavior was, guess what?  Yep, the worst roads in Pima County. 

 One resident a few years ago, after picking up her children from school, due to a pothole, had a roll- over accident on Thornydale Road.  Did Ms. Day fix the road?  No.  Ms. Johnson mentioned that the roads had not been fixed since 1980.  The economy was better, the roads not as bad, and it was cheaper to fix them.  Did Ms.Day “go along to get along” fix the roads?  No. Again, Ms. Day voted with the gang of four to put your tax dollars on other things.  She couldn’t even get her “friends” on the board to help her fix the roads. 

Is this good management of the taxpayer’s dollars?  We tried to vote her out of office, Joe Higgins ran against her, but to no avail.  

We the tax payers voted for Ally Miller to shine a light on what was really going on at the Board of Supervisors.  It is called “transparency”.  The gang of four don’t want transparency.  Ray Carroll, the receiver of District 1’s road funds, stated that we didn’t need transparency. That speaks volumes. 

Sharon Bronson, stated in The Explorer this was not “cronyism”, instead to “save the children”. Two schools and 1,400 children.  Excuse me .....Thornydale Road has four schools and approximately 4,053 children, approximately three times more children and on an extremely well travelled road,  Colossial Cave Road doesn’t have as much traffic as does Thornydale Road.  “Save the children”?  Doesn’t a road that caused a roll-over and three times more children, yell out “cronyism” big time?  She obviously cares nothing for the safety of a larger amount of children in District 1.  

Geri Ottoboni,

Oro Valley

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