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Digesting the Supreme Court's decisions

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  • vet66 posted at 8:42 am on Mon, Jul 16, 2012.

    vet66 Posts: 18

    RS: I agree with your perception regarding the decline in the culture we grew up in. It was inevitable that we reach this level of irresponsibility given the drift from The Melting Pot Theory to the glorification of the discrete populations that curdled in that "pot" of entitlement. The move to a secular society and culture of political correctness sealed our fate as an electorate and we now must deal with the situation as CJ Roberts has noted in his majority opinion.

    From your writing you appear to have some military training given your reference to "Order of the Day." This election will be close with approximately 40% voting for Obama and 40% voting for Romney. The election, and our future, will ride on the Independents, the wisdom of the center-right, the center left and the sub-group of those who will not show up. That is assuming close races are not decided by criminal activity at the polling places, ballot stuffing, and non-citizen voters skewing the results.

    I am of the opinion that CJ Roberts saved us from government perverting the Commerce Clause to create activity then taxing/regulating that activity. There would be no limit if Federal Government took over the economy under those circumstances. That was the immediate and existential threat to our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. CJ Roberts correctly identified the dangers of an overreaching Executive Branch, aided and abetted by a feckless Legislative Branch and a Judicial department ignored/insulted by an imperial President.

    The voters created this Frankenstein Monster. The Supreme Court has told us to fix it through the election process and not hide behind the Judicial branch applauding the rules we agree with and ignoring through Executive Order the results we disagree with. That is the road to anarchy and fiscal armageddon akin to Europe these days.

    What scares me is much of our populace was educated by biased teachers who taught seductive leftist dogma rewarding those who bought the party line and punishing those who dared to disagree. Will those who incurred student loans they couldn't pay back because employers wouldn't hire them, due to their lack of inter-personal skills and lack of critical thought, vote their anger at those who sold them a phony dream? Surely most of them have the common sense to realize that they have been had by self-serving "elites" who sold their souls for a few bucks and a promise to vote for the party that throws money at them?

    We shall see!



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