Please, please save us from the so-called analysis of Richard Brinkley. “Obamacare was intended to deprive people of quality healthcare?” Really? For those of us who have long supported universal health care so that all Americans will have “quality healthcare”, I found this comment totally insulting.

Such a statement is characteristic of current right wingers - don’t just disagree, but demonize those you disagree with. Think that climate change is caused by human activity? If so, you are part of an insidious conspiracy - socialism, fascism . . . whichever you pull out of your hat will suffice, just as long as you assert the most nefarious motives for those with whom you disagree.

This man represents exactly what is wrong with political dialogue in this country. Using incendiary language to describe those with whom you disagree does nothing but deprive us of a civil discussion of what we agree and disagree about. No wonder we are so totally dysfunctional politically.

Lance Erie,


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John Flanagan

Lance....if you think Obamacare will work as well his majesty promised, well I have a bridge to sell you somewhere around Brooklyn, NY.

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