I realize I’m easily confused.  I am having trouble connecting the dots.  Is Diane Peters admitting she is a NIMBY and more concerned about her environment than the environment?  Is she suggesting that the Oro Valley Mayor and Council that appointed me to the Planning and Zoning Commission were also developer puppets?  Is she concluding that a Board of Directors that hides behind secret ballots should be immune from criticism?  At least I made my views and votes public.  I don’t know what projects I didn’t want in my backyard?  Perhaps she has forgotten that I led a Planning and Zoning Commission vote to deny a developer’s plans for Steam Pump Ranch in favor of historic preservation.  Oh, and by the way, the 2.5 acres of undisturbed desert she refers to remain undisturbed more than 10 years later and is of little value to the residents of Oro Valley.  Perhaps Ms. Peters would like to buy it and pay the taxes to continue to preserve her environment.


Ken Kinared, Oro Valley

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