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The Loose Cannon Wants to Know: Are you Fed Up with Politics?


Once, not long ago, civility and bi-partisan unity and cooperation in the U.S. Congress during times of crisis was not only expected but required. Not anymore. The president and members of both parties interact in an openly hostile, crude, disrespectful and intensely partisan manner.  As a result, politics in the Capital today is totally dysfunctional, doing far more harm than good. Confidence in how politics functions have plunged to new lows. That cycle will come to an end only when a new third political party, The Star & Stripes Party, emerges.

Pundits say a third political party helps democrats by draining votes from the GOP. Not if the new party appeals to the vast majority of voters in America that fall within the center-right of the political spectrum, i.e., moderates, independents, libertarians, conservatives and even disillusioned democrats. The Stars & Stripes Party would restore politics to what the nation’s founders envisioned.

A draft of the new party’s governing principles and legislative agenda is at If what you read aligns with your political views, send your ideas and thoughts about forming a new grassroots party to


Tony Greco,

Oro Valley