It’s no surprise the number of letters questioning Mr. Brinkley’s article about global climate change, even questioning the integrity of the editor. As a faithful reader of The Explorer, and even submitting letters myself, I have also questioned Mr. Brinkley’s credentials in writing his articles. But I have to disagree with the letter writer, complaining about the editor’s integrity. My personnel opinion is that since Mrs. Grimes has become editor, I find myself looking forward to her weekly “We Say” column, and even also reading the “You Say” letters.

Unfortunately, in email conversation with the editor on more than one occasion, I have questioned Mr. Brinkley’s credentials and his affiliation with one political party (Tea Party Patriots). Unfortunately, now his last article, has come back as an attack on the editor’s journalistic integrity. Even though Mrs. Grimes prints Mr. Brinkley’s articles on a regular basis, she also prints letters questioning his facts and bias. But The Explorer has let its readers down when publishing on a regular basis a writer who consistently uses ideology as the basis for his articles. I believe The Explorer owes it to its readers, that it verifies his articles for accuracy and content. The Explorer would no more print an article from one of its paid reporters without checking the facts for accuracy - why not hold Mr. Brinkley to the same high standards?

Clyde Steele, SaddleBrooke

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