The recent recession was tough on everyone. It shook our nation to its core. Here in Marana, we used the slowdown as an opportunity to plan for better days ahead.

The result was a series of Town budgets that required the most careful of considerations. Town management and staff analyzed every expense and our finance department was conservative in its revenue projections. Fortunately, we weathered the storm well and didn’t allow the financial slowdown to impact our core services.

All the while, management was laying the groundwork for better days by creating the Marana Economic Recovery Plan, which focuses on current employees, strategic positions and resources and tools. The recession wasn’t going to last forever and we needed a roadmap in place for when times turned around.

That day could finally be here. Using the economic recovery plan as a guide, our Town Council last month approved a more optimistic budget for fiscal year 2013. The general fund, which pays most of our expenses, is $31,131,272, up 3.7 percent from this fiscal year.

One important component of this budget is the fact that we are rewarding our hard-working employees. Most regular full- and part-time employees are receiving a 2 percent cost of living adjustment. In addition, anyone hired before last July 1 will get a one-time payment in December. The amount is based on a sliding scale depending on salary and length of service.

This budget is structurally balanced, with one-time revenues covering one-time expenses and ongoing revenues dedicated to ongoing expenses. That’s an important key to ensuring that we meet our obligations in the coming year.

We are formally adopting the budget during our next Council meeting on June 19. Town Council and management are proud of the work performed by staff in crafting this fiscally sound budget. Their work has set up our Town for a bright future for all who live and do business here. It’s a great time to be in Marana.

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John J Flanagan

"Recent" recession? I don't think I heard anyone except good ole' Ed declare the recession over. As he drives by the closed businesses around Oro Valley and Marana I would suggest he consider the words he uttered. By all means, be an optimist, after all, is the glass half full or half empty? Our future is still uncertain as is the economies of Europe. What happens in Greece and Spain, may affect us here. Be optimistic if you will, but it is time to have cautious skepticism and maintain a Plan B. Just venting....JF

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