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Raising the debt limit


The taxpayer has been abused with several major issues that polls have shown that the public, by an overwhelming majority are dead set against. Obamacare has been forced down our collective throats. The Government has been shut down with its endless problems. Now we are faced with a president and a Congress that will force an increase in the debt limit.Once again for the 78th time since 1962 our government wants more money to spend. Well, so do I! Unfortunately, I am required to live within my means and balance my finances. To do otherwise, I might lose my home and possibly go to jail.The President and Congress could care less!

Do they cut back on spending? Not at all! We give Foreign Aid to 167 countries that seem to be more deserving than Joe Taxpayer.

Is it Obama, Reid and McConnell’s fault? Yes it is, but it is our fault also. We elected these bums.

Norman Hansen, Oro Valley