Rosemont Copper supports community organizations and economic opportunity countywide.

Rosemont Copper is committed to development that benefits the entirety of southern Arizona today, while supporting the economic sustainability of future generations.

Our corporate contributions committee was established nearly five years ago with an eye toward supporting partnerships that build strong communities and providing programs to educate young people.

Rosemont Copper actively supports numerous arts, music, cultural and education programs throughout the northwest, including the Marana Chamber of Commerce, Marana Food Bank, Marana Foundation for Educational Excellence and the Marana School District. It’s all part of Rosemont’s effort to ensure its commitment to community support translates to employees at all levels of the organization by encouraging volunteerism, board participation and donations.

Our support of education, particularly in the “STEAM” subjects of science, technology, engineering, agriculture and mathematics, was the catalyst behind our partnership with the Marana Foundation for Educational Excellence. The Foundation provides grants to educators, which encourage development of innovative programs to enhance the educational experience of students. The grants provided by the Foundation are for programs not funded by the regular school budget.

At a time when companies are downsizing, reducing their workforce and cutting contributions programs, Rosemont Copper has done just the opposite by increasing its support. Rosemont has increased donations to Marana-area non-profits by nearly 50 percent over 2010 levels, boosted local hiring efforts and worked to establish support for agencies like the Marana Chamber of Commerce and Marana Unified School District.

To Rosemont, community involvement equals regional job opportunities for southern Arizona residents.  As the company moves through its permitting schedule they will continue to need the regional skills of experienced mine workers countywide.

Employees already come from every corner of the county. I am a 25-year resident of Marana, with a family that has grown up with the town. In addition, Kelly Medlock, office manager, is an active member of the Marana community and Rosemont’s vice president of environmental and regulatory affairs, Kathy Arnold, has been an Oro Valley resident for more than 20 years. The company has committed to hiring as much of its workforce as possible from southern Arizona.

Together, we are building this community and its future for generations to come.

(Editor’s Note: Dan Ryan is the Director of Community Relations for the Rosemont Copper Company.)

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