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Amphi schools overreact

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  • John Flanagan posted at 8:47 am on Wed, Nov 20, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    Amphi Schools did react harshly in administering a 5 day suspension of the student involved. Why? The response of most liberal and progressive educators is the usual fall back Fascist default position, a result of an ideological shift away from Constitutional rights to a more socialist and politically correct world view. However, educators do not apply their warped and ignominious perspective equally: for example, certain acceptable views in their delusional mental states are seldom opposed. If free speech is to be celebrated at all in America, progressives insist that it be sharply in favor or in support of only acceptable viewpoints. In my college days long ago, liberal professors wanted their views inculcated in the student minds, and many conservatives and ex-military students like myself resisted. However, they did manage to achieve the goal of reproducing themselves among some students, and these types grew up, became educators, carry the mantle onward......and have absolutely no clue about the fact that our Constitution protects free speech. The same people who would suspend a student in the case at hand are in bad need of a lesson on the rights of free Americans to exercise free speech without being persecuted or punished. Amphi Schools and the administrators who delegated this punishment should be ashamed of themselves. They are engaging in an Orwellian and reprehensible form of conduct more fitting in Stalinist Russia than in this Republic. God save our country from this type of an educational system.


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