I would like to respond to the Explorer editorial from April 23 entitled, “It’s time to move on.” The editor makes the case that anti-abortion lawmakers focus not on the dated issue of abortion but on the primary issues people face, such as the poor economy. Abortion continues to be discussed and debated by lawmakers because it is a valid issue which addresses the essence of who we are as a nation.  Political representatives are charged to do what is morally right for society and to address the concerns of those they represent. The reason the issue does not go away can be seen in our nation’s founding document.  The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that our Creator, who created each one of us, is the One who endows each human creature with the right to live.  To thwart these intentions is to act counter to what America was founded to be.

We citizens cannot stand by while our nation sanctions a policy resulting in the deaths of people who are in utero.  We deceive ourselves that their lives are not as genuine as ours. These are real people! Over a century ago, African American slaves were not legally acknowledged to be fully human. The issue had gone on since our nation’s founding. Would we have wanted society to abandon the struggle to legally recognize the complete humanity of African American slaves and their right to live lives of freedom and dignity, simply because it was a wearisome issue? Of course not. Neither should we abandon a similar cause to legally acknowledge the humanity of people in utero.

While many citizens cite their personal distaste for abortion, they can also feel for those whose interests are hindered by an unexpected pregnancy. They can understand that no one wants their self-determination to be limited.   However, the interests of people to simply have the opportunity to continue to live, must supersede the wishes of others.  The effort  to recognize the humanity of people in utero, will not cease until more of our citizens rightfully resolve to encode their own life affirming morals into law.

Sally Simmons, Eagle Crest

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