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Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 4:00 am

NRA protectors out quickly

Re; Dan Harvey letter in the Aug. 8 edition of The Explorer.

I wondered how long it would be before an NRA supporter would have a chuckle over a mass killing. Dan Harvey came in record time. The point most logical people see is that there is a weapon that can discharge 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the market. I personally did not smile or chuckle over the killings in Aurora, but that’s just me. There is no accounting for the NRA backers.


Barry Cunningham, Oro Valley


Thanks to another letter writer

I had a letter published in the July 18 issue.  The letter concerned an unsigned note that was left on the windshield of my car when I was in the Wallgreens at Rancho Vistoso.  In my letter I asked that the note writer call me so we could have a discussion about the note.  Needless to say I have not received any phone calls.  I have, however received a letter, signed with the writer’s first and last names.  I will not quote the letter not give his name because it was addressed to me and I don’t want to reveal his name.  I will say, Henry, thanks for your letter and your support, I will continue to “keep up the good work” and thank you for signing your letter.  You are a much better person than the one who left the unsigned note on my car.

Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke


Sidhwa knows education is important

Early ballots for the Aug. 28 elections will be arriving in our homes this week. Those of us who live in District 9 have the chance to vote for a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives whose personal story and values exemplify the American dream-Mohur Sarah Sidhwa. She is an impressive and experienced leader who has devoted many years of service to our community and offers voters the best skill set among all the candidates seeking this vitally important office.

Ms. Sidhwa came to our country as a young woman and has lived in Pima County for over 30 years. As someone who sought to become an American because of the freedoms we all enjoy, she is deeply aware of the role public servants must play in preserving our rights and expanding opportunities for all. She has served on a number of community boards and commissions and her strong commitment to voluntarism speaks to her belief that citizens must take an active role in our democracy.

I am a career educator and parent of two high school students who is deeply concerned that our Legislature has slashed funding to public schools, resulting in higher class sizes, teachers losing their jobs and extracurricular programs being cut. Mohur Sarah Sidhwa understands the critical role education plays in attracting businesses to our area and ensuring our quality of life. She will be a strong voice for Southern Arizona and deserves your consideration and support.

Vote for Mohur Sarah Sidhwa for District Nine House.

Rex Scott, Tucson


Wrong about President

Mr. Romney says our President “hates success.”  That is a very strange perception.

We all strive to achieve success for ourselves and devote serious effort into preparing our children to compete and contend with a pursuit of happiness and success. We teach them to appreciate the opportunities our democracy extends and to achieve success honestly.

What people would like to know about Mr. Romney is how he achieved his success.  The man we elect President should be a good role model for our children, and he should pay his fair share of taxes like any patriotic American.

Yes, patriotic. Those of us who pay taxes – the top 50-some percent of American adults – have achieved some degree of success and for that we should be thankful that we have “made it” in this land of opportunity. We ought to be proud of those who went before us, paving the way for us to make an honest living. Further, we have every reason to be generous, to contribute to the success of others. The blessings of this fortuitous nation cost something, so is asking too much to pay our taxes so that others can follow in our footsteps?

A man in Mr. Romney’s position can afford to pay his fair share.  He has reaped success, so let us see him gratefully pitch in to help our nation stay great. A good citizen should be willing to help others up the ladder.  Does he care about his fellow citizens?  Does he help everyone – not just people from his church and people from his tax bracket? 

We the people have a right to know

Kathleen Pastryk, Oro Valley


Don’t fall for false claims

Re: Randy Gregg letter in the Aug. 1 edition of The Explorer.

Apparently Mr. Gregg has fallen for all the false claims in a widely distributed graphic on anti-Obama websites and in viral emails.  The idea that the President’s college and other records have been “sealed” didn’t ring true for me, so I checked online at www.factcheck.org

Fact Check is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania and defines itself as a “nonprofit, nonpartisan ‘consumer advocate’ for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.”

FactCheck debunks this particular recycled baloney by saying that first off, the word “sealed” can only be applied to records that would normally be public but that a judge rules can’t be released.  This isn’t the case with any of Obama’s records.  Further, many of the records that Mr. Gregg claimed were sealed are, in fact, public, including his Selective Service registration and his Illinois State Senate voting record. 

It’s true Obama hasn’t released any college records, but then neither have any other Presidential candidates.  And no copies of Obama’s 1983 college paper on nuclear disarmament done for an honors course exist because it wasn’t really the type of thesis paper required for graduation and therefore isn’t on file in Columbia’s library.

Before believing and disseminating false information about political candidates, Mr. Gregg, do some digging to find out whether it’s true or not!

Karen Schickedanz, SaddleBrooke

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1 comment:

  • vet66 posted at 2:10 pm on Thu, Aug 16, 2012.

    vet66 Posts: 18

    Ms. Schickendanz; Before you put too much faith in factcheck.org I suggest you consider the following connections. The Annenberg Public Policy Center, FactCheck.org, Annenberg Foundation, Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Chicago Annenberg Challenge and Chicago's Daley Library. Draw your own conclusion after googling the above entities.

    Our current President is an enigma. There is little or no paper trail regarding his history, academic or otherwise. I have yet to hear from any of his college classmates who even remember him. If you would like to argue the case that he was properly vetted for POTUS it would be a short discussion.



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