Almost 20 years ago, members of our Town Council and staff took inventory of the community and identified something Marana lacked. There were plenty of activities for kids and young families, but few ways for seniors to get together and socialize or to hear topical lectures.

To meet the need, the town created the Marana Senior Program, a variety of services and leisure recreation opportunities for community members. Benefits include access to a fitness center or computer lab, trips, classes and much more.

The program is going strong. The amenities originally were only offered at what is now known as the Marana Community Center on Lon Adams Road. The program has seen so much interest over the years – there are almost 300 members – that we expanded our locations to include the Marana Operations Center on Ina Road.

The town saw a need and filled it. Our pledge to be a responsive government has been in place since our early days as a municipality.

One of the many senior program advantages is that participants only need to be 50 to enjoy the benefits. Memberships are affordable at only $40 a year or $20 for four months. There’s even a trial coupon available on our web site that allows five free visits in a 30-day period.

You don’t even have to be a Marana resident. We have many participants from across the region. The town is committed to seniors regardless of where they call home because we know how important it is for them to remain physically and mentally active.

The town believes in the importance of providing activities for residents of all ages. I encourage anyone 50 or older to get involved with our senior program and make the most of an opportunity that has been a success story throughout the region.

For more information on the Marana Community Center and the trial coupon, please visit

(Editor’s Note: Ed Honea is the mayor of Marana.)

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