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Helping teens get out of trouble

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  • LittleMissSunshine posted at 6:47 am on Thu, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Ms. Grimes,

    Please understand that as a former teacher of Kids and the Arizona Law I was disappointed with your article. Let me start with the end. This young student, Tyler B. is "entitled" to the law that protects all citizens. Yes, often times this makes LEA's work appear harder. But we have laws that protect us from unwarranted search and seizure which we need-especially after the patriot act - do everything from allow that right to errode. You chided his parents, but no where in your article did you speak to what the parents did as a consequence of his marijuana use. The authorities' over reach in taking his blood, and violating his rights is a different matter altogether than his mistake of substance abuse.

    I would tread lightly and fight viciously to retain my rights as they are granted to all citizens of this country regardless of age. Handing over your rights to authority only promotes a corrupted authority.

    Like you, I have young adults in my home also. However, I would defend their rights as a citizen as Tyler B.'s parents did for him, while also taking his substance issue problem on a different front.

    Also, I praise the future generation not as a generation of "entitled" generation but a generation that is managing to create solutions during a most adverse economic environment and keeping their wits about them and not wailing like cry babies. But yes, they are young and they need appropriate guidence, but not at the expense of theirs and our rights.



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