We have “twisted” headlines, letters of hearsay and innuendos to rely on in this recall of Councilman Zinkin.  Two years ago the incumbent mayor labeled the attempted recall of Council members Hornat and Snider as mean-spirited losers who were wasting $70,000 of taxpayers’ money.  Now this same mayor encourages his close friends to institute a recall against Councilman Zinkin.  Why?

My understanding is that Councilman Zinkin dared to ask the powerful police department to clarify some overtime payments.  He was representing the taxpayers who elected him to obtain transparency in town expenditures.  How dare he?

Now we read “twisted” headlines which try to portray him as a lawbreaker, and hearsay about his comments to others.  If these events actually occurred it would be up to the party offended to state the truth, not pass it on as hearsay.

Didn’t Councilman Zinkin receive an award last week?  Wasn’t he doing his rightful duty to inquire about town expenditures?  Let’s not turn our town into another government where everybody fights with each other and gets nothing done!

Brenda Ryan, Oro Valley

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