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Mudslinging in the Old West - Or, in Oro Valley


When we think of the Old West, we think of gun slinging not mudslinging. Hiremath and his posse continue to sling mud at Mike Zinkin. This recall is nothing more than mudslinging and an attempt to create a smokescreen on the upcoming election and is tarnishing a good man's name. Hiremath, Snider, Hornat and Waters should be ashamed of themselves bringing big government politics to Oro Valley.

Mike and the majority of us agree the OVPD is one of the finest in the country. He supports Chief Sharp and the officers, but questions the spending of our tax dollars. The Yarnell Fire was a horrific tragedy, but for the OVPD to send four motorcycles and a van with a trailer is a bit excessive. This is why Mike asked about the expenditures and nothing more - period. He is not a heartless man that some of our council and a few citizens make him out to be.

The majority of this town supports Mike Zinkin. He is doing a fine job watching over the taxpayer's money, and is providing a voice for the community. This is why we voted for him.

Mayor Hiremath’s statement from December "Anyone who comes to the defense of Mike Zinkin ought to consider their own judgment and sensibilities" is insane. You make the folks of this town look pretty dumb, but we're smarter than you think. So maybe we should use "judgment" on our next elected mayor.

Colin Fitzpatrick

Oro Valley