In the recent controversy at the state capitol, a group of Republicans felt they were treated unfairly. They felt that by Gov. Jan Brewer calling a special session and forcing them to approve a budget they had in hand for five weeks was wrong.

Some said it was Obama-like tactics. Others might say it was time to do the job you are being paid to do and stop stalling. Schools and other entities throughout the state were sitting there waiting to finish their business all because some Republicans didn’t like the Medicaid expansion portion of the budget.

Besides being angry with the governor, Republicans such as Sen. Al Melvin and Rep. Adam Kwasman, feel that the 15 Republicans and senators and members of the house who voted to approve the budget, which included a Medicaid expansion that would help 300,000 people, somehow made them traitors.

To those being called RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), I say good job. They compromised, they got the job done. If you are going to be attacked because you don’t follow party lines in every vote, then we are in worse shape than I thought.

Melvin and Kwasman call it a Democrat’s budget. Explain to me how in a state with a Republican governor and a Republican majority in the House and Senate this is passing a Democrat’s budget. The budget was authored by Brewer, a Republican.

Now, the fight is on. The fight to veto this approved budget that was done fairly, honestly and violated no laws is in full force. The fight is being led by Frank Antenori, the ousted state senator who appears to have nothing better to do after losing the election in his own district. Red-meat loving Frank claims it’s because the Arizona Redistricting Commission drew the lines unfairly, because in his world, everything must be a conspiracy when he is on the losing end.

As a voter in Frank’s district, I can tell you it had nothing to do with redistricting. He was a terrible senator, and while he may serve as entertainment for all the local morning radio shows, his ideas are usually bad ones.

Melvin, who’s looking to run for governor, is standing behind Frank’s newest stupid plan. Melvin says more effort should be put into creating private-sector jobs that will provide the healthcare benefits, rather than taking money from the federal government to assist in paying for the Medicaid expansion.

I’m sorry, but anyone who believes Arizona is in the process of creating 300,000 jobs, even if the controversial Rosemont Copper Mine opens, or the Unions Pacific project gets under way, is delusional.

As a message to Senator Melvin from one of those Republican-leaning pesky Independents, getting votes for the state’s top office is going to be tough when it appears you lack any understanding for those less fortunate. And, if you are always going to be unwilling to accept federal funds, just because you don’t like who the president is, just means our state will continue to lose.

Arizona, and especially Tucson, is a sinking ship and it’s the leaders at the state and local levels who are to blame. The highly-successful people are leaving because better, higher paying jobs are elsewhere. 

Yet, we have Republicans standing behind Frank Antenori to fight a Medicaid expansion that isn’t as bad as all of them claim, instead of working to represent, support and make lives better for all the people in their districts and this state.

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"Yet, we have Republicans standing behind Frank Antenori to fight a Medicaid expansion that isn’t as bad as all of them claim, instead of working to represent, support and make lives better for all the people in their districts and this state."

Talk about damned by feint praise-...'isn't as bad as all of them claim...' In the face of another immigration long on promises and short on funds and/or the will to fulfill the promise of border security before the next wave of illegals is granted amnesty, caution seems prudent. Let us not fall for the same empty promises the democrats and a few republicans foisted on us in the past. Who do you think is going to pay for all this? Even Obama's handlers are seeing the futility of pushing their Affordable Care Act before the 2014 elections because the are fearful that they will lose the senate because of their false promises. They just moved the start date from 2014 to 2015. The money will dry up eventually and Arizona will have to cut services they can't afford. Count on it!

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