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Can you relate?


Are you one of those angry and frustrated drivers like myself who are sick of dealing with slow drivers in the left lane? For reasons I can’t understand, they seem to want to stay there for a while like they are in some type of comfort zone or better yet, some type of twilight zone.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have been behind a slow driver in the left lane that are totally clueless I am behind them and want them to move over! Please, start looking in your rear-view mirror every few seconds. While you are chatting with your passenger or admiring the scenery, I on the other hand am becoming more and more frustrated as to the lack of respect you have for the rules of the road.

Keep in mind, I am a very calm and peaceful person and will avoid confrontation at all costs. But the longer I am stuck behind you, I find myself going from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in a matter of seconds.

“Slower Traffic Keep Right” may be one of the most important laws of the road today. It is a guide to maintaining order on today’s busy roads. This law allows drivers of differing speeds the ability to share the road safely and orderly. Please be more aware of your driving patterns and obey this law while on the road.

Valerie Dalton, Tucson