Recently, my family was blessed with a new edition – a healthy baby boy. Calvin was born in September and we have since started seeing plenty of bills in the mail from a variety of companies and the hospital.

Many of the bills range from nonsense such as $9 for Ibuprofen, or, nearly $800 for the less than one-minute spent on the sonogram machine to see if his head was in the correct position. Thinking back now, if I had known about such an outrageous charge, I would have waited for my doctor who took less than a minute to assess the situation without tacking on an additional $800.

Dating back to an emergency room visit earlier in our pregnancy, we are still trying to sort out a bill from a third-party company naming a doctor that we never even saw. While I know we saw a nurse practitioner once or twice in our daylong stay, it’s the nurses who we saw often that did all the work. Yet, we receive a bill for a doctor we did not see from a company we’ve never heard of.

We have also received bills for the pediatrician on staff and many other doctor’s fees. However, what we don’t see on the bill breakdowns is the billing for the nurses. Granted, I realize it’s probably built in, but it’s they who made our stay, our experience much better.

The nurses are kind, cordial and really do most of the work. From our time in the Women’s Center at Tucson Medical Center to our time in the Pediatric’s unit when Calvin’s jaundice levels were too high – the nurses continued to make our experience just a little better.

On the second night of our stay, Calvin was unbelievably irritable. He cried non-stop, had me near tears and thinking what had I gotten myself into. In the end, it was the nurse who helped not only my mindset, but continued to try and figure out what to do about Calvin’s crying.

As I was getting more tired, and frustrated, our nurse told me something that will continue to stick with me – “Relax, it’s nothing you are doing wrong. Sometimes babies cry.” When you’re a new mother, having someone just say the words you need to hear at the moment is extremely important.

These nurses are supportive, kind and caring. While I love my doctor, I think it’s the nurses who deserve a lot more credit. It’s the nurses who helped us through the nights and made it easier as we adjusted once he was home.

Nurses are on the frontlines of medicine. They know the patients, they understand what is happening, and along with excellent people skills, they provide emotional support to not only the patient, but also family members.

Nursing is a tough profession. Nurses are selfless, working 12-hour shifts, giving up nights, weekends and holidays to truly provide the best service possible to those who are in the hospital for unfortunate circumstances, or in our case, for happy ones.

If you have an opportunity, don’t forget to thank the nurses who play a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of all patients.

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The first amendment protects your right to say (almost) anything you want. It does NOT protect you from criticism. Ridicule and social reproductions result from the fool things you say.

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