(Re: Suggestion for Zinkin, April 30).   Oro Valley Councilman Zinkin is once again fodder for some “upright” resident who can’t accept the fact that even with additional time and the effort of a few people working for the councilman’s recall, not enough people signed the petition.  Most ignored it because it had no substance behind it.  Zinkin was elected to do what he is doing—asking questions regarding expenditures not only of the police department but for all programs that too many of the other council members automatically rubber-stamp.  Asking questions and expecting a clear explanation from our elected/appointed administrators is a part of the democracy our country is built on.

I am as proud as the writer that Oro Valley was named one of the safest towns in Arizona but no chief administrator of any department deserves carte-blanche expenditures with no accounting.  I’ve never read nor heard of Zinkin denigrating our police; to question is not to be misinterpreted as criticism.

Let’s move on to more important issues.

Allen J. Pastryk, Oro Valley

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I would like to make three observations regarding Mr. Pastryk's comments. In a conversation that I personally had with Mr. Pastryk at the Farmer's Market during the recall effort, he and his wife, who was present, both stated that the term "slut" was not offensive. Second, Mr. Pastryk obviously did not read the report presented by the independant investigator. She stated," there is ample corroboration that the Councilmember has made at least several inappropriate comments of a sexual nature or regarding persons of Mexican national origin that have troubled Town employees and possibly third parties as well." That, Mr. Pastryk is "substance". And lastly, the recall failed because the signature gathering aspect of the event was delayed by 4 weeks. That is the only reason we were 36 short of the necessary number.

Lleva Corbata

I guess Hillary, I mean Mr.Pastryk wants to move on from any subject that embarasses Mr. Garner or Zinkin.
Asking questions is allowed and encouraged and a responsibility of Council Members in all departments. Suggesting that they are "thugs" is not.
But you seem to ignore that. Recall or no recall Mr. Zinkin does not represent my idea and that of many others of what a Council Member is suppose to do.
You do know that the police budget undergoes the same scrutiny by the Town Manager as every departments budget....or do you.[beam]

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