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Differ with Greco


In his letter in your Nov. 6 edition Tony Greco makes two assertions I have to dispute. First, he puts Obama-Congressional hostility on an equal footing and says they’re equally to blame for the dysfunction in Washington.

In fact, Obama has spent almost his whole Presidency in bending over backward to try to compromise with Republicans, but has been continually rebuffed.  

The recent government shutdown was solely due to the republicans in the House of Representatives trying to delay or gut the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted in Obama’s first term.  Does Tony think that Obama is to blame in not backing down and scuttling the ACA?

The onus for the intense partisanship in Congress is clearly on the Republicans. 

Second, he says that, “The vast majority of voters in America fall within the center-right of the political spectrum.” Really! I believe that most voters are actually on the left side of the spectrum.  The problem is that voters are never offered a real choice.  Look at the 2012 election.  You could vote for Obama, a corporate-friendly conservative, or Romney, who used to be the same but in order to placate the Tea Party had to turn himself into a right- wing extremist.

The problem here is that a leftist candidate would get no Wall Street money.  And without big money a candidate has no chance.

Where’s real campaign finance reform when we need it?


David Steinberg,