Political posturing in the guise of climate change denial is dangerous.

Richard Brinkley’s political rantings against the Obama Administration in the May 14 issue of The Explorer have obviously clouded his judgment on the climate change issue. Either that or as he approaches the twilight of his time here on our planet he simply does not care about the future generations that will be left behind.

You can debate all you want about the causes of climate change or to what percent those causes actually impart or your opinions in regard to a one world political agenda with exorbitant tax structures to line their pockets, but the undeniable facts of the issue are these:

1. Since recordable data has been captured, the earth’s temperature has been on the rise. Roughly 1.5 degrees F from 1880 to 2012, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

2. The polar ice caps are melting, causing an increase in the oceans’ water levels. Nearly nine inches and have increased roughly twice as fast in the last 20 years according to studies done by the University of Colorado and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

3. The ozone layer has been depleting at a rate of roughly 4 percent per decade since 1970 according to the University of Cambridge.

4. Extreme weather events have been on the rise; to include blizzards, ice storms, drought, heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. Global economic losses caused by extreme weather are estimated at $200 billion a year over the past decade according to World Bank. 

To Mr. Brinkley’s point that Carbon Dioxide is nothing more than “food” that sustains and nourishes plant life; CO2 is not the only byproduct of human pollution…and yes it is true that plants do breathe in CO2 they do not take in particulates, ground level ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, or methane all of which effect air quality and add to the greenhouse gases in the air. 
One can simply look to China and visually see the negative effects of air pollution and understand this is not a healthy situation….whether it’s man-made or natural causes I personally do not care. The bottom line is that there is a problem with the earth’s climate and the United States should be finding solutions rather than pointing fingers to the cause and burying our heads in the sand.

I understand this will place a financial burden onto the business community and most likely create additional taxes on the population. What I would say to those businesses and the population is the cost of property damage caused by extreme weather, rises in the oceans water levels, depletion of the protective atmospheric ozone layer, and impacts to human health due to the lack of trying to curb man-made emissions sent into the air far outweigh those taxes. 
We owe it to the future generations to at least try to figure this issue out and control what we can as one contributor to the problem.

To simply deny the facts as a political end game to create world dominance and generate wealth is unfair and dangerous to the folks yet to enjoy this amazing planet. 

John Spiker,

Oro Valley

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John Flanagan

Lighten up, John. Brinkley's views are not rantings, as some might suggest your piece is also a ranting. Brinkley is passionate about a point of view shared by millions of people, that governments do politicize even science and sometimes for the purposes of securing and maintaining power. The government, in the absence of oversight, is often inept in solving problems, spends lavishly on inefficient programs, persecutes citizens for infractions of law while giving itself a pass, and can never ever get enough power to feed itself and an insatiable appetite it has indeed. One little bureaucrat sitting in a cubicle in the headquarters of the EPA, having no concern for the consequences of unsound policies, can destroy an entire industry, vacate years of civil efforts to comply with onerous EPA regulations, and use unproven or speculative scientific hypotheses to decimate our fledgling US economy under the banner of reversing climate change. I suppose those who follow this corrupt Obama administration's views on politics and science see this as a good thing, but many millions of us are fed up with the government we now have...and we seek a change, starting with the ouster of Obama and the Democrats.


If President Obama really believed that changing our lifestyles could help the climate he would lead by example. His last Hawaii vacation put out more CO2 than will be saved in the first year of his proposed coal plant cuts. He only wants us to cut back so he can have more.

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