would like to respond to an ad that has been running for a number of weeks. Ann Kirkpatrick has been running the same three sentence add that I as a voter in this district would like to respond to and question. It begins by boldly saying that “it’s time to put aside partisan politics.” Really? Consider that she was first elected in 2008 to a Nancy Pelolsi led US House. There was no bipartisanship attempted when Kirkpatrick voted for the Affordable Care Act(Obamacare). It seems to be hypocritical to want to put aside partisan politics when you would then be in the minority. 

She then goes on to tout jobs, schools, and families. Let’s remember what she is running for. What does the role of a US Representative have with jobs, schools and families.  Let’s look at each of those. The US government is not particularly adept at picking winners and losers in the marketplace. Think Solyndra. The best the government  can do is to set up a framework within to work and get out of the way. Then watch jobs take off!

Schools and families share a similar concern. Folks in Oro Valley, Marana, Catalina and other areas know best what the needs of their children are. Having some bureaucrat across the country who has never even been to Arizona dictate to you how to raise and educate your child seems both presumptive and condescending. 

Finally, someone with nothing of substance to add can always back up to  “protect” Social Security and Medicare.  What this means is that she is willing to kick the proverbial can down the road and let someone else deal with it. Is this the leadership we want? No one is proposing altering benefits for those receiving or close to receiving them. Something needs to be done with the programs. Do we really want to burden our grandchildren with our golden years?

Choose your candidate well!


Frank Bialek,


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