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5 golden rules of planning a group destination wedding

(BPT) - Soft sand warms the soles of your feet and the smell of sweet flowers fill the air. The salty mist of the ocean kisses your cheeks while the laughter of friends and family brings joy to the heart. This isn’t just an amazing vacation for your loved ones, it’s your wedding day.

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Monday 02/01/2016
Taking responsibility on winter roads
Updated: February 09, 2016 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - You can find a large number of alarming videos on the Internet showing cars crashing on snowy roads. We can see from these videos that driving too fast on snow or ice covered roads is risky and leaves you vulnerable to crashes. However, it’s not just fast driving that causes accidents, but also failure to take proper care in these types of conditions.

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Sunday 01/24/2016
Five hacks to travel smart with your smartphone
Updated: January 26, 2016 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with your entire extended family, there’s one thing you likely won’t forget to bring on your trip: your smartphone or tablet. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, according to the Pew Research Center, and almost half own a tablet. Right next to socks and a toothbrush, your mobile device is one of the most important and useful items you’ll bring with you.

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Wednesday 01/06/2016
New year, new boat: Why winter is one of the best times to buy a boat
Updated: January 14, 2016 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Post-holiday sales aren’t the only deals to be found this winter. Winter boat shows offer some of the best pricing and incentives of the year — a major draw for the estimated 87 million Americans who take to the water each year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. For those ready to plan summer fun, boat shows can be a good place to start.

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Drive safer at any age using the top vehicle technologies
Updated: January 14, 2016 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - New technologies are responsible for many of the advances, comforts and conveniences of modern life, from the smartphone to wearable items such as “smart” wristwatches and eyeglasses. That’s no different in the car, where new technology is helping people drive more safely.

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Sunday 12/20/2015
Vacationing abroad this winter? Don't let hepatitis A ruin your fun
Updated: December 22, 2015 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Did you know that hepatitis A infections are on the rise in the United States? Almost half of new infections are among Americans traveling abroad after eating contaminated food or water. Hepatitis A is common in many parts of the world, including in popular tourist destinations in Central and South America. Fortunately, hepatitis A can be easily prevented with a safe and effective vaccine.

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Tuesday 12/15/2015
5 ways to ease winter travel woes
Posted: December 15, 2015

(BPT) - Whether you’re going back home, traveling to a new and interesting destination or simply escaping the weather, winter trips can be stressful. If you’re not prepared, traveling in the winter months can cause headaches, with the potential for weather-related delays and crowded roads. The holiday travel rush can also put a strain on the wallet.  

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Sunday 12/13/2015
Traveling for the holidays? Beware these 5 bed bug hotspots
Posted: December 13, 2015

(BPT) - Will you be heading to Grandma’s house this holiday season? Or taking a long-awaited vacation in a tropical location? Whether you’re driving over the river and through the woods or flying to a luxury hotel in a premier resort, it pays to take steps to ensure you don’t come home with some unwelcome travel companions — bed bugs! The National Pest Management Association points to five bed bug hotspots to be aware of as you travel this holiday season, and offers some tips for how you can avoid carrying them home with you.

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Top travel trend for 2016: Dude ranches
Updated: December 21, 2015 - 2:33 am

(BPT) - Planning a trip for 2016? While the beach is warm and a cruise ship is lovely, you’ve done those trips before. This year you want something unique that will create lasting memories and bring you closer to your family.

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The town of Marana is looking at ways to do capital improvements to the oldest neighborhoods in Marana. Over the next few months the town will survey older neighborhoods and see what amenities they need and form a plan to make sure neighborhoods have paved roads, sidewalks, adequate drainage, lighting and even pocket parks. “We want to make sure that every neighborhood has a base standard for infrastructure,” said Marana Town Manager Gilbert Davidson. The improvements are expected to take years to complete as Marana finds the best plan of action to complete the projects and fund the improvements. Do you think this is a good idea?

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