Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


If your gift list is anything like mine, some of the most difficult recipients to shop for are the kids’ teachers. They’re difficult for me because I don’t know any of my kids’ teachers personally, so I can’t exactly choose a gift tailored to the individual. On the other hand, I know with certainty that I don’t want to resort to a trite “Best Teacher” coffee mug or a dime-a-dozen “A+ Teacher” Christmas tree ornament. Also, while I want the gift to be memorable, I don’t want it to break the bank. With those guidelines I mind, I brainstormed five gift ideas that most any teacher would appreciate. Here they are:

1. Insulated cup and Starbucks gift card – While mugs might be overdone, insulated cups are relatively up and coming and offer a different twist on a tried and true gift. Some brands are better than others; I’ve found that the Aladdin brand (sold at Target) is a safe bet. Pick up one of those, stuff it with a Starbucks gift card and tie a pretty ribbon around the string. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

2. Classroom supplies – If the idea of a gift card doesn’t ring true to you, perhaps school supplies do. A great way to personalize this idea is to purchase nice, hardcover copies of your child’s favorite books and gift them to the teacher for use in his or her classroom library. You could even have your child write a short sentiment inside the book on the front blank page.

3. Themed basket – Have you seen those cute retro plastic popcorn containers? They seem to be popping up all over the place. Consider filling one of those with favorite movie candies and a DVD copy of a great new release. Cellophane wrapping and a giant bow do wonders as far as presentation go.

4. Charitable donation – There is only one thing better than getting a gift, and that is giving one. For a teacher with a heart for service, a charitable donation in his or her name would be thoughtful and appreciated.

5. Handwritten notes – When all else fails, you simply can’t go wrong with a heartfelt expression of your appreciation. For the cards we’ve written for teachers, I like to have my child write a short sentiment and then I follow it up with my own kind words. Teachers, after all, do a lot for our kids and everybody appreciates hearing a genuine thank you from time to time. In fact, no matter which gift you choose for your child’s teacher, a handwritten note or holiday card should definitely accompany it.

Hopefully one of these gift ideas will be the perfect fit for the teacher in your child’s life. If you have a favorite that I missed, please mention it in the comments.

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