Is it me, or are we becoming one angry society? Several stories came out this week that left me shaking my head, and wondering when we as a society will be able to get our tempers under control.

Lets start with the scandal – Chris Christie’s staff authorizing a bridge back up in the name of revenge. While I have been impressed with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the years, I can’t say this made me happy to hear.

It goes to show how petty we’ve gotten over the years. A mayor doesn’t support your positions in a governor’s race so your staff feels they have to show him. The problem being it was innocent people suffering the consequences of petty politics.

As an aside, here is what I was impressed with. Christie didn’t stand by his staff who appear to be responsible. They suffered the consequences immediately. This is something our president might want to consider the next time one of his inept staff members is at fault for a scandal, or just for being incapable of doing their job such as getting a working website up for the American people to sign up for health insurance.

The IRS scandal is another example of our president not leading and taking action on something of major importance.

Leaving politics, I will finish this week’s column by addressing anger levels in our every day citizens.

On Monday, a 71-year-old retired police officer in Florida was accused of shooting a man and his wife inside a movie theater. The retired officer is now charged with second-degree murder, a 43-year-old man is dead and a woman is recovering from a gunshot wound to the hand.

When you hear theater shooting, you think of a gunmen such as the case of James Holmes. However, in this case, it wasn’t a planned shooting, it was one out of anger and nothing other than a stupid cellphone.

Like many, cellphones in a movie theater drive me absolutely crazy. “Entitled” or rude people, believe they have some right to constantly text or be on their phones in theaters today. They could care less about those around them and they do as they please.

While this behavior drives me crazy, I would never believe shooting someone over it is worth the consequences or loss that would follow. However, the retired officer was probably not thinking of consequences. He was probably thinking he wanted to enjoy his movie, two people got in his way and before long a heated discussion got out of hand.

We are obviously living in a tense society. We have instances where a father and husband lost his life over texting. In Oro Valley last year, a man lost his life because of a road rage incident.

All of these losses are senseless. At some point, we have to realize we may be annoyed, we may not be happy with someone or something nearby, but the consequences of are actions are real.

So, what is the answer to what is obviously a growing problem? Maybe since television plays such a large role in so many of our households – instead of watching the crime/action movie full of violence, we have mandatory anger-management session. That is of course a joke.

In the end, we need to hold ourselves to high standards, work to be the bigger person and in the end not kill someone over the glaring, albeit annoying, light of a cell phone.

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John Flanagan

Not only has this society become more angry, but it has become very immoral, with acceptance of values once considered improper. Hollywood has led the way in this area. Academia signed on to secular humanism eons ago, the philosophy where right and wrong are neutral and, my gosh....who are we to judge? Such rubbish has been taught to young and old alike in the past 30 or so years, and our society now faces the consequences of violent entertainment, promiscuous values, and disrespectful vulgar language. We reap what we sow.


After reading the title to Thelma Grime's article, I thought it would be timely and appropriate. Interestingly, I wonder after reading her piece, if she is missing the point of her own article.
1. Chris Christie told his aids to close the bridge.
2. He quickly fired them in an attempt to deflect blame to himself.
3. Thelma should have been aware of this fact by the time should wrote her article because the retired police officer news came after this disclosure.
4. I think acting in a thoughtful way after time to investigate is my preference in a leader and one which would not be considered rash.
5. I do agree that there is a need for anger management in our country but I also feel there is a need for being responsible for what you say and write, making sure it is true and not an attempt to incite the actual anger you proport to alleviate.

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