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The guilt of a working mom

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: So much angst in our culture! Why should any working mother feel guilt over the desire or need to work outside the home? Economics is the driving force....the practical necessity of providing for the family. But many women just want to do an occupation which interests them and returns satisfaction. In my view, quality time and close communication with family members, especially young children, can help them cope with a mother's absence from the home. It is in the first crucial years of childhood that a mother's presence is especially needed, but once the kids are on school, it is easier. Growing up in NY, my mother worked from time to time as a waitress. My father was ill and there was otherwise no income. He got better, went back to work, and my mother didn't work later in life. No guilt....families need to do what it takes to survive....and we need to build up our children, help them mature, assure them they are loved....and things usually work out. No one gets through life without sacrifices, Most of all....keep your faith in God always.

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 9:01 am

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