When we start updating the town’s Strategic Plan, gathering citizen feedback is at the top of our to-do list. We need to know what the community wants before we begin setting priorities that last years.

When compiling Strategic Plan III, we took a different approach to collecting thoughts from our stakeholders. Instead of hosting open houses, which were usually lightly attended, we employed an innovative online tool to see what the public had to say. I am happy to say the process was a success. 

The web page had more than 100 visitors, many of whom shared thoughts about priorities that should be included in the plan.

The town uses the Strategic Plan to set a course for elected leaders and staff to follow to address community needs and position Marana to capitalize on opportunities. 

Even when the initial plan was adopted in 2009, town council and staff viewed it as a guiding document that would change over time. The only constants are our five focus areas – commerce, community, innovation, heritage and recreation.

The updated Strategic Plan is soon scheduled to go to council for adoption. The action will culminate the months of planning and outreach required to ensure that the plan represents the needs of our constituents.

We will accomplish our goals with assistance from community partners, including the Marana Chamber of Commerce and its more than 550 members. 

Commerce is the bedrock of the Strategic Plan, the foundation on which any sustainable city or town is built. The Town must have a balance between retail and career-oriented commerce in order to best serve the community. We want people to live, work and shop in Marana.

The town appreciates the feedback offered by residents and business owners. We all have a stake in the community’s future and it’s gratifying to see so many people taking an interest. The people who live and do business here are the ones who make Marana successful and their opinions will always be valued by our elected officials and staff.

(Editor’s Note: Gilbert Davidson is the town manager of Marana.)

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