The annual NBA Draft Lottery took place this past Wednesday at the Disney/ABC Times Square Studio in Manhattan. This draft process occurs every year about one month before the NBA Draft. This event includes all of the teams that did not make the playoffs or the teams that gained draft rights of another team that missed the playoffs. In all, there are 14 teams that discover the order of their draft pick through the Draft Lottery.  

Each team has a different percentage to win the coveted first overall pick. The teams with the worst record from the previous season will have the best chance to win. This year, the Charlotte Bobcats were the favorite to earn the top pick after finishing an NBA all-time worst record, 7-59.

It seems as if the bad luck for the Bobcats will continue. Having a 25 percent chance to win the top pick, their entire organization was stunned as they watched NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer, Adam Silver, announce the first overall pick to the New Orleans Hornets. Now, some might say, it isn’t a big deal as they still have the second pick. However, with this year’s draft class, it was a big blow to the Bobcats as Hornets fans everywhere rejoiced.

The real reason Hornets fans were ecstatic was because at that moment, they knew exactly what kind of gift they got, Anthony Davis. The consensus for first pick, Davis has all the tools to become a superstar in the NBA. Only one year ago, Davis was still a high school student. Now, the 6’10 forward looks to be heading back to New Orleans where he won his national championship with the University of Kentucky.

With the second overall pick in the draft, the Bobcats know they got gypped. Desperately in need of a center piece for their franchise, the Bobcats must look past Davis and quite possibly to his former teammate, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Also, a high school student a year ago and national champion, Kidd-Gilchrist brings a completely different set of skills to the table.

Kidd-Gilchrist doesn’t have the 7’4 wingspan that Davis has, nor does he have the height to enable him to change the game defensively. The small forward is more of an attack the hoop, explosive player. He brings the energy and aggressiveness to the court. Yet, he isn’t the offensive powerhouse the Bobcats need. In addition, he has always been surrounded by talent. Even in high school, he played along last year’s first overall pick, Kyrie Irving.   

Davis, is the player that will change your team when he first puts on the jersey and walks on the court. The 2012 National Player of the Year, simply has more talent and is more NBA ready than any other player in the draft.

However, Kidd-Gilchrist isn’t a sure thing to go to the Bobcats. There is a strong debate whether they should pass on him and go with Thomas Robinson, from the University of Kansas. Robinson brings more of a post presence and can light up the stat sheet. He averaged a double-double(10+points and 10+rebounds) last season. Robinson is compared to former Wildcat, Derrick Williams.

The draft date is set for June 28th, but most teams are far from making their decision. It’s hard to blame them because of all the talent in the draft and the importance of each pick. The top draft picks can be the difference between another losing season or the beginning of building a winning franchise.

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