The tape is slowly being stripped away as each new advertisement appears on television, and yes, we all know that in the months to come, the gloves will come off in the political arena.

With all state offices in Arizona up for election, and many key races happening nationwide to decide whether or not Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, or if Republicans are going to take the 2014 races.

Two of those races are already gaining attention. In Congressional District 2, Democrat Rep. Ron Barber has a tough race on his hands, which will likely come against a familiar opponent, Republican Martha McSally.

The commercials have already started airing against Barber, and his support of Obamacare is going to be a key issue moving forward. With commercials already starting, it’s really going to be interesting to see how personal this race gets during the primary race, and once general elections season comes around.

It’s interesting where the line is drawn, and what issues might help Barber. He seems a little more in favor of women’s rights over McSally. McSally is anti-abortion, but she did support the recently-failed equal pay act for women.

It was interesting to get a glimpse of her position in a recent article posted on the Wall Street Journal web page, where a 2012 comment was revived.

“I mean, I’m a woman warrior,” she said in 2012. “I’ve been fighting for women’s rights and women’s equality my whole life. You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh, where women have to be covered up, where they’re stoned, where they’re honor-killed if they’ve been raped, where they can’t drive and they can’t travel without the permission of a male relative. That’s a war on women.”

While the comments from McSally are powerful, and definitely bring into perspective how women in countries such as Afghanistan are treated compared to right here at home in America, what she may not understand is we don’t just want better. We women want to be treated equally. We want to be able to decide what happens with our own bodies, we want to be paid what our male counterparts are paid.

If you’re not going to fight for that, you will likely continue losing that female/minority vote that Republicans continue to forget to count in campaign planning.

CD1 is another vulnerable race for Arizona, as Republicans look to take over both the House and the Senate in 2014.

While those are just a few of the major races the nation will watch, in Arizona, we will be getting a new governor this year, as Gov. Jan Brewer has termed out.

A likely front runner already is Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican candidate. Although Bennett does have plenty of competition in the primary, including Senator Al Melvin, R-Oro Valley, who is pushing the fact that he is the most conservative of them all.

As election season pulls into full swing over the next few months, the most important thing voters should remember is its not about the D, or the R in front of a candidate’s name. First, and foremost, it’s about being informed and actually casting a ballot. Low voter turnout continues to be a problem in Arizona and the rest of the nation.

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John Flanagan

I am sure the media is gearing up to present the Republicans in the worst possible light, while the failings of the Democrats will be glossed over. The usual strategy. Do those of you in the media wonder why millions of us watch mostly FOX news and check multiple Internet sites to find the truth about the political landscape? As for Barber, yes he is as culpable as his boss for the inept Obamacare debacle. As for McSally, her position in support of those precious unborn children in our land makes her another champion for children. Otherwise, the little ones get nothing. If women's rights means all women in our land should sign up for the Gloria Steinam brand, along with Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and others, then the movement is like a Fascist camp, because many women agree with some aspects of women's rights but stop at abortion. Indeed, it will be an interesting election. For the sake of children, I pray many more pro-life candidates will be elected.


I would recommend that Mr. Flanagan and all who seek to be informed principally by Fox News turn to our local PBS outlet, KUAT-6, for an occasional venture into a different world. Depending on their provider they may find BBC America, Al Jazeera America and of course the News Hour, all of which offer no nonsense, no shouting news of the nation and the world. Additionally, KUAT provides local and state programming that gives its audience differing, often conflicting, views on issues of concern to all of us here in southern Arizona.
As for Ms. McSally, would that she were as forthright as Mr. Flanagan in stating her views on abortion and other controversial issues.
As to the media "gearing up to present the Republicans in the worst possible light", I find it difficult to think they can do more than the Republicans do to present themselves in such light.

John Flanagan

Yes, FriarTuck, I do watch PBS, BBC, and even the rabidly venomous leftists at MSNBC in between, but excuse me for passing by the Islamic propaganda station AL Jazeera. The fact that a news station may report the news and commentary in a seemingly impassioned manner does not mean they are truthful or accurate in their facts, nor does it make them less partisan. Fox News may sometimes vigorously attack liberal politics and politicians, often with spirited opposition to folks like Nancy Pelosi who stated on the passing of Obamacare, " We need to pass it in order to read it." And you think Republicans say stupid things? I suppose the next election will identify those who still cling to Obama, the Democrats, their lying media, and who will see how they continually screw this country. Perhaps, your neighbor who once had affordable health insurance and now has double costs for premiums and a huge $5000 yearly deductible may already know what party he or she will not vote for ever again.


Thanks, Thelma, for writing what I've been thinking since reading McSally's latest display of her ability to tap dance around the real issues facing us here in a district she'd love to 'represent' in Congress. And lest we forget, in Kabul and Riyadh she walked through the cities wearing the uniform of the USAF which probably included a government-issued sidearm. I'd like to continue to be represented by someone who knows and is known by the district, as we have been at least since the time of the Udall brothers, followed by Jim Kolbe, Gabby Giffords and now Ron Barber. Not a stranger among them, and not one who was unconcerned about the rights of all the people of the district.

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