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Lawmakers compromising on immigration

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John J Flanagan

John J Flanagan: To look at this issue honestly, one must first admit that both Republicans and Democrats, echoing the confusion of the American people, have a difficult time addressing the status of the 11 million plus illegal aliens in our land.
While the Republicans have not come up with a good plan, although they have demanded we first secure our borders, the Democrats and their media cheerleaders have used accusations of racism against hispanics as a wedge issue to help them secure the latino vote. In my view, the Democrats are weak on immigration because they are the street fighters and political thugs who are always blaming the Republicans as obstructionists. This is more than a political ploy; it is a political strategy.
Immigration reform is needed and long overdue. Those who have been here illegally should be given an opportunity to become citizens, and if legal steps are followed, only then should they be granted rights of voting, residency, and the benefits of all Americans.
The problem is just how do you have "amnesty" without encouraging more people to just move here and wait for another "amnesty."? In reality, about 40% of illegal aliens simply fly into JFK or another airport with a visa and just stay. Cities like San Francisco and New York, having primarily Democratic Party machines in place , with either liberal Republicans or Democratic mayors simply aid and abet the problem by declaring their cities "sanctuaries."
Obviously, the demographics and the future of politics is against Republicans at this point, so they will have to compromise, but how far must they go to please the leftists and progressives? I am tired of continued attacks against Republicans, which earn the contempt of a biased mainstream media about as dishonest and corrupt as we have ever had. Short of facts and reasonable debate, the Democrats under Obama are convinced they can just shove a piece of immigration legislation down our throats, with little thought to the unintended consequences to our fiscal condition, our employment picture, and our sovereignty,.
In addition to the power grab of the Democrats and their media sympathizers, they are recently complaining more and more about FOX news and conservative pundits, because they fear reasonable debate and opposing views on most issues.
The immigration issue is now being pushed by Obama with his own plan, as this president does not even want the Congressional plan to move forward, even if it is bipartisan, because he prefers unilateral rule.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 12:04 pm

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