Does the term “General Plan” induce drowsiness or confusion? If so, you’re not alone. That is why the Town of Oro Valley is taking a fresh approach to a state-mandated process.

Your Voice, Our Future is a community call to action, and we need your help.

Every 10 years, Arizona state statute requires us to develop and ratify a General Plan. While it may sound unexciting, this document is a roadmap for the next 10 years, addressing areas of interest such as parks and recreation, land use, transportation, public safety, conservation and town services. In short, the focus of the General Plan is your quality of life.

Since it is based on our core values and vision for the future, it is imperative that we provide ways for residents to tell us what’s important to them. In fact, the public input process is so critical to the success of this project, I included it my State of the Town Address last month.

In my address, I also pointed out that there are now as many residents in Oro Valley under the age of 18 as there are retirees! This means our community’s demographic is changing, and our needs for the next 10 years will be different than they were when we last updated the General Plan in 2005. As such, we need your help to identify goals and priorities which will guide critical decisions about our future. Tell us what you love about Oro Valley (and where you see room for improvement).

We’ve been working very hard to make this process interesting and rewarding for our residents, business owners and stakeholders.

For example, in today’s Explorer Newspaper, there’s a community survey that asks about eight topics of importance for our community. You can fill it out and send it in, or drop it off at town hall. Or if you prefer to take the survey online, log onto and join the community conversation.

You’ll also find many other topics of discussion online, and the more you participate, the more chances you have to earn rewards such as tickets to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Catalina State Park and next year’s State of the Town Address.

If you prefer to share your thoughts in person, call us at 229-4800 or email to set up a meeting with your group. Invite us to your neighborhood, business or event. We’re happy to meet with you wherever you live, work or play.

Ultimately, the General Plan Update will be ratified by Oro Valley voters in 2016. But right now, the focus is on learning about what’s important to you and what you envision for our town’s future.

However you decide to engage in this process, be sure that your voice is heard.

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