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John Flanagan

It is safe to say, although it reflects negatively on our justice system, that the Judge in this case is a moron. It is also accurate for most of us to acknowledge that defense lawyers sometimes lack morals, character, and honor. In defending a client, lawyers can invent the most bizarre and untruthful of strategies, while the prosecutor must adhere to the implied evidentiary rules. In recent years, defense lawyers have sometimes gamed the system successfully, convincing Judge and jury alike that the perpetrator has more rights than the victims. Four people are dead. A young man walks away, having now learned that having wealthy parents takes away his own personal responsibility. I hope that the Judge and the defense lawyer have trouble sleeping, because the families of the victims surely were denied justice. We Americans must recognize we cannot brag about our justice system. It cannot be reformed unless honorable men and women are willing to change it.

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