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Such the Spot - Please don't feed the children

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: What is being discussed is an uphill battle for young and old alike. Food manufacturers are always a step ahead, creating products with addicting sugars, appetizers within their snacks which induce cravings, lots of salt, seasonings, and additives with Latin names only a scientist can comprehend.
The American diet is probably the worst in the world. A dietician told me last year that it is anticipated statistically that 50 percent of today's younger generation will likely acquire diabetes later in life. Forty percent of cancers are said to be caused by unhealthy diets.
We all love sweets, fried food, salty chips....and our bodies always fight with us, like wayward brats, our bodies beg us for donuts.....passing by the plate of carrots and vegetables along the way.
In my view, you are correct in trying to inculcate good food choices at an early age, as well as moderate intake of calories. Part of the equation is to explain to the kids how too much salt, sugar, sweet drinks are harmful. This is sometimes a tough sell, because their bodies and taste buds are going to rebel. Some of our messages can get through, to at least be moderate, if not as healthy of an eater as possible.
Well, enough said. I am going into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee, and maybe a donut.....well, maybe just half a donut.

Friday, June 14, 2013, 8:54 am

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