Randy Metcalf

Yes, Facebook now has a new format for the way you view yours and others’ profiles called Timeline.

The Internet is constantly changing and is constantly improving, whether you know it, want it to, or not. From security features to specially catered websites, which are adjusted automatically by our Internet usage, the website we visit on a daily basis are all in constant flux.

Without that change, you wouldn’t have access to stripped down versions of websites for quicker viewing on your mobile devices. Passwords would not be case-sensitive and easier to crack. We would be using Webcrawler as a search engine, and we would be using Facebook, which would be called The Facebook. And the only way those would have been able to use it, is if they had gone to college and signed up while they were in college.

Every now and then the sites I use, on a regular basis, change. Sometimes the change is dramatic, in my face, and the company gives a week’s worth of notifications leading up to the change. Some change over night without any notice. Some even give users the opportunity to back out of the new design and use the older version.

Please, if there is one thing you can do to keep yourself from becoming dated and not being able to relate to the younger generations, please accept the changes.

The site is the one doing the research and watching trends and the way people interact on their websites. Embrace the change. Stimulate your mind and try something new.

I once heard that a good way to stimulate you mind on a daily basis is to go about your routine habits but change them slightly. For example, if you are in the shower and you start always by washing your left arm, followed by your right and then your left leg and so on, change it by starting with your right leg, then your back. If you wash in a counter-clockwise motion, wash in a clockwise motion. Brush your teeth starting on the opposite side. Put you milk in the bowl before the cereal… well, wait – don’t do that. That is just crazy. But you get my point.

It is OK to learn a new way to do something. Yeah, it is a little odd at first and not familiar. But think of what it is doing for your mind, and the possible avoidance of Alzheimer’s disease.

No, I am not saying that every time Facebook changes its format, it is one step closer to curing a memory-losing illness. I am simply saying you should embrace change.

Look at our website, www.explorernews.com. A year ago, the front page was jumbled with ads on the top, bottom and both sides. In my opinion looked like a pop-up ad. It is no wonder our web traffic was low. People wanted to get off the site as quick as they could for fear of getting a computer virus.

But look at it now. It is clean, crisp and constantly changing and our numbers are growing at what seems like an exponential rate.

We have photo galleries that routinely change. We are updating stories and loading new ones to the site every day. We even have videos on here.

If you haven’t looked around the Explorer’s website recently, look around. We have people blogging about a yearlong weight loss competition. We have polls and ways people can interact with their community and us.

Change your routine and start it with us (and please, stop complaining about Facebook’s new Timeline).

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I agree with everything you say here, sir, except for the crack about "to keep yourself from becoming dated and not being able to relate to the younger generations"! In my experience, those whippersnappers are often the first to fly off the handle and flame all over FB at any change to their status quo.[wink]

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