Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


We are a three car family.  My mom mobile is a minivan.  My husband scoots around town in a sporty little sedan that gets great gas mileage.  And then my nineteen-year-old daughter has her own little coupe, perfect for getting her to school and work and back home again.  Every so often, I’ll borrow my husband’s car so as to save money on gas.  It’s a fun little car to drive—much easier to zip in and out of parking spaces than my minivan.  Still, I’m not a huge fan.  My problem isn’t so much with the car itself, it’s with the contents of his car.  Or lack thereof, as the case may be.

My van is stocked full of everything I could possibly need for an outing.  But when I reach for a Kleenex in my husband’s car, the closest thing I can find is a receipt in the glove box for last month’s oil change. 

I thought I would do a service to men everywhere if I offered up a list of six things you should keep in your car at all times.  I guarantee that wives everywhere will thank me for it.

  1. Kleenex – See above.
  2. Baby Wipes – It really doesn’t matter whether you have children or not.  Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. I wipe down with one every single time I finish pumping gas because, um, ew!  We’re heading into cold and flu season here, guys.  All the more reason to wipe down.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – Go ahead a throw a miniature bottle of sanitizer into the glove compartment while you’re at it.  The baby wipes are great at removing sticky residue but they do nothing for the germs.    
  4. Blanket – There are so many instances in which a blanket might come in handy.  What if  we’re at an outdoor sporting event and a chill kicks in?  Or maybe we have a sudden urge to grab some sandwiches and picnic in the park.  Worse yet, what if we blow a tire whilst traveling in a blizzard (it could totally happen) and we need to keep warm.  Just do us a favor and keep a blanket in the trunk, m’kay?
  5. Band-Aids – We know that guys are all tough and macho.  But us ladies (and the kids we taxi around town)? Not so much.  We might need to administer road side first aid.  At the very least, we’ll need bandages.
  6. Phone charger – I bet I didn’t need to tell you that one, did I?  A man and his electronics are never far apart.

Stocking your car with everything your lady might need while she’s out and about might not seem like that grand a gesture, but believe me when I tell you that we notice the little things.  And appreciate you for them all the more.

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