Members of our great military serve America with bravery at home and abroad. When they pass, it is incumbent upon us as a nation to ensure that their memories are honored in the most meaningful way possible.

Our town immediately voiced its support when the state announced in November that it had secured a $7.6 million grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs to construct a veteran’s cemetery in north Marana. The 32-acre site will be located on donated land near Interstate 10 and is scheduled to open in October of 2015.

At the moment, there are only two veterans cemeteries in the state: one in Phoenix and another near Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. There is clearly a need for more space and the Marana location will provide our state with expanded opportunities to honor military personnel.

The Town of Marana is excited about the construction of a veterans cemetery for the metropolitan area and the service and respect it will provide for local service personnel and their families. Town staff has met frequently with supporters of the cemetery as they worked through their plans for the site. We will continue consulting with proponents as they put together a cemetery that will be worthy of our nation’s military personnel.

Before construction begins, the site needs improvements, including a road to reach the cemetery. The town supports Pima County’s efforts to secure infrastructure funding through the Pima Association of Governments and will help in whatever way it can to ensure that this state project is a success.

Our community looks forward to the day when the cemetery opens and local veterans have a place to honor their own. The town is honored to play a support role in this project and proud to soon be the home of a facility that will mean everything to those who served our nation and to their families who provided so much support.


(Editor’s Note: Gilbert Davidson is Marana’s Town Manager.)

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