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Guest Column: Please say it ain’t so

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biposter: I thoroughly enjoy James Sandefer's columns and have been reading them for many years. Although I miss the time when his column was a regular feature I understand how the upper levels of maturity can cause someone to cut back.

I was enjoying the print edition of the explorer this morning reading James Sandefer's guest column when got to the part that said finish reading it online. What?!? I almost choked on my c antelope. If I wanted to read the online edition I would have been doing it. The print edition blends nicely with my breakfast routine and on occasion with my after breakfast routine.

Mr. Sandefer, as much as I enjoy your writing the first thing I will do when I see your column is glance at the end of it and if it says go to the online edition to finish it I won't be reading it all.[sad]

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 10:17 am

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