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Historic Republican Sweep in Pinal County

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  • fix pinal posted at 9:24 am on Mon, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Corruption in Pinal County is nothing new and will continue for some time, or at least until the nepotism and favoritism is removed. The one place which has not been addressed and should be is the judicial system and the Pinal County Superior Court.

    One cycle that just got broken is the appointment of County Attorneys out of the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. James Walsh was appointed as County Attorney from the AG's office where he worked for Terry Goddard. Hopefully Lando Voyles will clean house and get rid of the rest of the good ole boys within the Pinal County Attorneys Office.

    The Superior Court is another story, Robert Carter Olsen was the County Attorney when Stan Griffis was prosecuted. Mr. Griffis was given a very sweat deal for not rolling over on others in the county and Olsen was rewarded with an appointment as a judge to the Pinal County Superior Court. This is an old cycle for Pinal County, County Attorneys appointed to be judges and the replacement county attorney comming down from the AG's office.

    We have another problem though, William J. O'Neil was appointed the Presiding Disciplinary Judge for the Arizona Supreme Court in charge of Attorney discipline. This is the man who should be the most ethical of all in the state but he has his own ethical problems with a complaint filed with the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. This complaint alleges among other things mortgage/short sale fraud, falsifying public records, interfering in judicial matters for personal and family benefit.


    In his new position O'Neil has had several sever ethical violations. One of which is failing to disclose that the public member sitting on the 3 person pannel on at least 5 hearings is his close personal friend and neighbor Robert Gallo. This was never disclosed to at least 5 attorneys who came in front of the pannel.


    We are quickly reaching a day when attorneys will not question a judge or a judges rulings because of fear of retaliation by the State Bar and O'Neil. This may not seem important at first glance but think if you are involved in a civil or criminal matter and your attorney is fearfull of retaliation, you then do not get one of your basic rights. There needs to be Senate hearings on this matter as it appears the Supreme Court is going to do nothing.


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