Darcie Maranich

Darcie Maranich


Several years ago I wrote an article detailing my utter distaste for all things professional football.  I wrote about how everything from the booming sound of the announcer’s husky voice to my husband’s outbursts from the couch during game time highs drove me nuts.  In the article, I confessed that I couldn’t stand pregame shows, halftime shows or post game wrap-ups.  I may even have referred to those women sportscasters who discuss injuries and strategy from the sidelines as traitors.  I admitted that for no reason other than to spite him, I would flip the channel to Food Network every time my husband got up from the couch during the game for a beer run or bathroom break.  “Wasn’t the game over?  Oops.  I thought it must have been since you left.”  It was an entertaining article, at least.  But if someone were to dig it up from the archives today, they’d think I was crazy.

Now, you see, I am an ultimate fan.

Come Sunday afternoon, you will find me wearing the Cardinals shirt I paid sixty-two dollars for at Victoria’s Secret Pink.  I will be sitting front and center on my couch, hoping that the additions of Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians prove to be just what we need to make a go at a decent season.  I won’t go so far as to slug beer, scratch myself and eat plastic cheese, but by all other accounts, a true football fan I’ll be.

You might be wondering what prompted so drastic a change of heart.  It’s a legitimate question.  The best answer I can give is that I have a vested interest now, and that makes all the difference.

My husband used Kurt Warner to manipulate me.  He offered a brief bio of the Cardinal’s then quarterback, making sure to include details of his blended family and strong Christian values.  And then he told me how the Cardinals were total underdogs, but they were having a strong season.  He convinced me to watch the game with him that week.  I did.  And then I watched the next game and the next.  In fact, that year I watched the Cardinals make it all the way to the Super Bowl.  We needn’t discuss the outcome of that game.

Despite that loss and the subsequent poor seasons, I am hooked.  So much so, in fact, that we decided to keep cable just so we could watch the games this year.  And then we declined a pool party invitation that would have conflicted with the first game of the season.  Here I am, looking forward to the husky sound of the announcer’s voice, the sideline reports from the sportscasters, and yes, even the pregame show.  I, for one, am ready for some football.

So tell me, which team will you be watching this Sunday?

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