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Work ethics lack for the “entitled”

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John J Flanagan

John J Flanagan: I can't agree with you more, Thelma. In some respects, the "entitled" workers who have been programmed to dress too casually in the workplace environment do so because they think it has become an accepted norm.
This problem started a long time ago. I was a NYS Inspector for 35 years and in the beginning of my career, all of the inspectors wore white shirts and ties while visiting and inspecting facilities under our jurisdiction.
In the 1970's, casual dress became acceptable and somehow the public sector unions managed to eliminate a dress code, or at least make it optional. While I still wore a dress shirt and tie, many other inspectors began to wear jeans, sneakers, sloppy coats and the appearance of field personnel became very casual.
Bear in mind, a state inspector is visiting corporations, talking to CEO's, as well as shop owners and the general public while performing investigative and regulatory duties. Supervisors could not even require the field staff to wear ties and dress slacks, while we, as supervisors, did maintain a professional appearance.
I've had corporation presidents remark to me that one of the state inspectors visiting his facility was dressed so sloppy, that he could not respect him as an official of the government, and furthermore, that if he were his employee, he would have sent him home.
In my view, a dress code should be enforced. Americans need to relearn the lessons of good appearance makes for better professionalism in the workplace. It can be done, but it requires the courage to make it happen by insisting on it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 12:30 pm

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