Over the years I have always been surprised to see a man like Tom Horne get reelected over and over again to different offices. Horne, who is under investigation by the FBI, has served as our superintendent of public instruction, and is now the state’s attorney general.

In both offices, I can’t say I have been a fan of Horne, and am continually disappointed that he somehow gets voted back into office. However, my distaste for this politician grew even more last week when he decided to offer his plan to “prevent” mass shootings from occurring on school campuses in Arizona. We’ll call it a knee-jerk reaction at this point.

This plan is to train a school official, such as the principal, to use a gun. After the training, that school official would then keep the gun in a locked box to use if some emergency arises on campus.

Well, here’s the first problem with the incredibly stupid plan. How will that principal help stop a shooter if the gun is in a locked box in their office, and they are across campus in an assembly or visiting a classroom? What if they call in sick that day? You can’t really call them armed if the weapon is locked away at all times.

The second aspect of Horne’s plan is to have an alarm system established on school campuses to alert the armed principal that there is an emergency. This alarm tells this principal to run and unlock the gun and save our administrators, teachers and children.

Let’s face it, these mass shootings happen in a matter of seconds or minutes. These shootings usually have the gunmen killing themselves in the end, making them unafraid of an armed principal.

So, here’s more questions from this ridiculous idea – How much will it cost schools to install the “alert system” that warns these trained school officials to go get the gun? When precious seconds or minutes count, do you really believe this plan has been thought out by Tom Horne?

Recently, there was a shooting where 20 children died, six other innocent victims also lost their lives in Newtown, Conn., and it has the nation talking about what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again.

A response such as this one from Horne, and the one from the National Rifle Association prove we are not going to make any progress to stop or prevent them, instead we are going to keep politics alive and well in the discussions and forget what the goal is in the first place.

While I am no fan of Horne by any means, I have been somewhat impressed over the years with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. However, I was shocked he supported such a plan that just seems thrown together without clear thought.

Comparing school administrators to airline pilots is ridiculous. First, these armed pilots have the weapon within their reach, they are not on big school campuses.

Then, you have the continued argument of guns don’t kill people – people kill people. To some degree, I agree with Babeu. There are already a lot of gun laws in place, and criminals and mentally-ill people are going to keep breaking the law. However, instead of focusing on such a stupid idea, how about focusing on enforcing some of those gun laws that are in place? 

In listening to debate over the need for gun reform over the last few weeks, it has been brought up that many of our gun laws are not enforced. If you don’t want new gun laws, then start effectively enforcing the ones we have, and start taking a closer look at how mentally-ill people are easily getting their hands on these weapons capable of killing so many in such a short period of time.

As one final note to the ridiculous idea to arm all schools, what the NRA and Republican lawmakers seem to be forgetting is that it does not prevent or stop the shooting at a local supermarket where a local Congresswoman is meeting with constituents, it does not prevent dozens from being killed at a midnight showing of Batman, and it doesn’t save lives at the multiple church shootings that have occurred.

The problems with guns go well beyond arming our schools.

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John J Flanagan

It is interesting to read articles by those opposed to self defense in a violent culture such as the United States. We must admit we are a violent culture. We have criminals who will murder you for fun or for your wallet. We have gangs in our cities, killings daily in our streets, even here in Tucson. We have drug addicts, mentally ill people protected by the courts and by lawyers who keep them from the treatment they need.
Let us add the disruption of the family through endemic divorce, selfish narcissistic individuality, and of course, more importantly, the Hollywood deviats, hiding under the umbrella of the first amendment, continually provide our violence prone culture with a creative menu of vampire stories, blood soaked drama, gratuitous murders, cynical heroism and glorification of criminals often depicted as anti-establishment and sympathetic characters. While doing this, of course, Christianity is demonized, good morals and character are assaulted, and we wonder why the American culture manages to develop mass murderers every six months.
The solution of liberals is always to take away the guns from law abiding citizens and to disarm the public, in defiance of our Second Amendment. Politicians like Tom Horne is a favorite target of the Obama regime, using the services of the FBI of course, just like the attacks against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Phoenix, because the Democrats and progressives see things differently on how the world should be.
Tom Horne is dealing with the reality of our violent culture, something the liberals do not like to admit. Training a school principal and teachers how to use a firearm is not the worst suggestion. As I was in a doctor's office today, I found a copy of a magazine called the American Hunter. One of the sections contains eyewitness and first hand accounts of recent episodes in which citizens armed with handguns successfully defended themselves against the predators of our violent culture, those criminals who would agree with the liberals that only they, and the police should own a weapon. In many of the cases discussed, the mere presentation of the weapon was enough to make the criminal predator, often wearing a ski mask and carrying a knife, from leaving the premises pronto.
You wonder why Tom Horne keeps getting re-elected? Perhaps, it is because many of us agree with him, and we would rather have more Tom Horne's around than some willy nilly, lefty, liberal progressive with a passion against self defense, and a cowardly and irrational view that America, our violent land, will be safer once you take away guns from law abiding citizens and throw the Second Amendment into the trash heap.

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