There’s been a lot of talk in the last few months about whether or not the Arizona Legislature has waged war against women. While some shake their heads in disbelief, saying the idea is preposterous, some of us are scratching our heads thinking it may just be happening right before our eyes. As each new bill is approved, or new idea comes from our lawmakers, I ask myself if our gender is taking a giant step backward, rather than leaping forward?

Let’s first look at the area creating the most controversy, and to be frank, making women the maddest. That issue centers around contraception.

Like it or not, House Bill 2625 is ridiculous, and does violate my rights as a woman. I am still shocked that the bill’s primary backers are women who claim they are simply protecting religious freedom.

In their push to protect religious freedoms it doesn’t appear that they considered the fact that the bill makes women a target into account. Even in the proposed amendment to the bill, the wording is too broad and any employer claiming it’s for religious beliefs can deny a woman birth-control coverage.

There is already a law in Arizona that protects churches. Why the need for this new layer?

My question is when did it become the responsibility of lawmakers to take on birth control issues? Abortion has, and as far as I can see, will always be debated, but general birth control? When was it decided that they had a right to dictate to me when and how I can have children?

If I want to use birth control, then it’s none of the state, or my employer’s business.

Then, there’s the recent approval by the Arizona Senate to revoke funding for Planned Parenthood.

I am not a major proponent of abortion, but I will say I understand some of the cases where the procedure is done.

Unlike Rick Santorum, I do not believe a woman who gets pregnant from rape received a gift from God. That woman has every right to get an abortion.

If the woman’s health, or the baby’s health is in danger, abortion is not wrong.

But, let’s be realistic, Planned Parenthood’s services to women goes beyond abortion. What is going to happen to all those women now? How will funding those necessary preventative procedures going to be funded?

Lawmakers continue to want to save the state money, but they pass bills that will just cost us more later. Think about it. Paying for a pill is a lot cheaper in health insurance than that child they will have to pay for.

It is a lot cheaper to prevent a woman from getting full-blown cervical cancer than it will be on the system once she requires extensive care.

Finally, whether I agree with it or not, I believe a woman has a right to manage her own body, and I am growing more and more frustrated each day that these men and women who we elect to represent us think they have some right to dictate how we live.

Many of the Republican lawmakers approving the bills that are basically the go-ahead for the War Against Women, claim during election season that they want fewer laws on the books. If that’s the case, why aren’t they following that principle, and letting people, especially women, live their lives?

Is this war against women reality or myth? From this woman’s point of view, I would say it’s reality.

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John J Flanagan

The article by Thelma Grimes brings up some good points, however, I should hope she is open to another viewpoint. Coming from the opposite side, I am an independent conservative, and my Christian faith is more important than my political positions. Over the years I have grown in my faith, and believe that much of what we debate in our society and our opinions will matter to God, who will be our judge for the views we held, the priorities we had, the choices we made, and the decisions that framed our earthly lives.
On the issue at hand; to state categorically that there is a war on women is erroneous. There is, however, a war between women being raged in our culture, and men are also found on both sides of the issue. Having followed the pro-life movement for decades, I have noted that many of the most ardent, most diligent, most well informed, most articulate, and most determined pro-life supporters have been women both nationally and locally.
While some women have looked at the issue of abortion as all about THEM, and their freedom, the pro-life women have viewed it as an issue of protecting the sanctity of the unborn children. Most pro-life women are deeply religious and mostly Christian women who regard faith and conscience as more essential than their own freedom to discard the human life growing within their wombs. Additionally,.these women know they will stand before almighty God and will be able to justify their positions against abortion. Those who are pro-choice will never, in my view, convince the LOrd that their own freedom was more important than the child He created in their bodies.
For the record, Ms Grimes should be aware of the statistics. Abortions have been close to 93% because the child was unwanted, from 2 months to almost 20 weeks, with absolutely no health issues affecting the woman. Only 1-6% of total abortions are carried out due to rape, incest, or health issues. These figures are astounding. Can we honestly say that the proponents of the abortion movement in the United States, the Gloria Steinem's, Bella Abzuggs, Barbara Boxer's, and company were right? How can any Christian woman sign on to these immoral values?
In closing, while the Republicans are accused by the liberal leaning amoral media of waging a war on women, the Democrats have far more defects, in having raged, as a party, a war against the unborn children of our land, done for the sake of advancing some extremist feminist idea that supports legal matricide.
In the end, God will judge. For me, I will always vote for only pro-life candidates, all of whom seem to be Republican conservatives, and will support traditional marriage between one man and one woman, and the pro-life position is at the top of my list. As a values voter, I cannot vote for a liberal pro-abortion candidate, and will forfeit my vote rather than give it to a candidate who does not value human life. Since the Democrats do not offer pro-life candidates, and proudly proclaim this to be the case, I shall never cast a vote for any Democrat. Ms Grimes should remember that what she believes about protecting or not protecting the life of unborn children cannot be neutral. You are either for it or against it.
As for Planned Parenthood, Ms Grimes needs to research this immoral organization to see the truth. Planned Parenthood wants abortion to stay around because they get lots of funding from the government. Planned Parenthood is for late term abortion, killing the unborn for any reason, and it is why they exist. Planned Parenthood supports a sex education program that is aimed at children and it is pornographic, encouraging experimentation with homosexuality and other perversions. Does Ms Grimes, or anyone else really believe that Planned Parenthood espouses good values? In closing, these issues are complex to some. To me it is simply about doing God's will, and God, believe me, is pro-life.

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