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Guest column - What am I supposed to think?


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cfox2001: Great idea, Ron. Should be a part of all government contracts, at all levels, that if they ever plead the 5th, they automatically, voluntarily resign from their position without benefits or termination bonuses, etc..

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 8:00 am

John Flanagan

John Flanagan: What is happening in our country is indeed disconcerting. The question Ron asks is: "What am I supposed to think?" Well, Ron, all I can say is that many millions of us are asking the same question.
We have an incompetent President who was elected without the leadership credentials needed for the office, unless one wants to include empty rhetoric as a qualification. The buck stops at the top, and the problem is that Obama had few attributes as a Chicago politician, but this did not prevent the left and the liberal media from promoting his candidacy while simultaneously understating his liabilities.
This is a President who admitted he openly used cocaine, hung out with radicals, advanced a socialist agenda, and managed to attract followers who projected their own wishful ambitions in the person of Obama. Each night on MSNBC, assorted pundits provided the spin and coverage needed by this President, since the very substance of many of his policies cannot stand the test of logic. Surrounding himself with like minded individuals like Eric Holder, an Attorney General who lies, disrespects the rule of law, picks and chooses what he will and will not enforce...and he is just one of Obama's many disreputable appointments. Take his IRS heads for example....targeting Tea Party Conservatives....head hunting political enemies.
Congress and the Senate are involved in political wrangling, but perceived intransigence on the part of Republicans should be balanced by the lack of compromise on the part of Democrats. The mainstream media always denies culpability, but it is very much involved in smearing those in politics they dislike while running interference for those whom they want in power.
America is in a crisis at home and abroad. It is time to vote for conservative leaders. The Democrats have proved themselves unworthy to be in charge.

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 6:50 pm

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