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What we could have done without in 2013

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Interesting article, and I agree with Thelma in many areas, but the paragraph devoted to the effects of the Obamacare rollout hardly scratches the underlying surface of this fiasco. There is no more time to excuse Mr Obama's lack of integrity, the Democratic Party's culpability, and the negative consequences this legislation will have on the American people. Sure, to assuage the progressive conscience, it can be said that some people will benefit, however, millions of Americans will suffer and have suffered the loss of health insurance, have experienced catastrophic premium increases that negatively affected their family budgets, and employers have dropped previously great health insurance benefits.
The changes in most newer policies prescribed by Obamacare have increased the family deductibles to thousands of dollars which a struggling family must pay out BEFORE receiving a penny in reimbursement. Many hard working families do not have an extra two to six thousand dollars left over to pay for some medical procedures they will require this year, while STILL paying the high monthly premiums under the plans. Many families will not be eligible for the subsidies because their income, though modest, is slightly above the government's subsidy guidelines.
The result will be fewer Americans will have the means to attend to their medical problems and will have to forego doctor visits when their exhausted budgets for rent or mortgage, food, car payments, family needs, etc, will not leave enough money left.
So I ask you, how is the Affordable Care Act really affordable? How is it that Obama and the Democrats concocted a 2000 page monster of legislation on the American people, pushed by Reid and Pilosi and other inept socialists who hardly read it, knew nothing or pretended to know nothing of its negative consequences, and still, the sleepy and adoring mainstream media still props up this regime without apology?
The failure of the media to act responsibly on behalf of the American people in this matter, having willfully followed this scoundrel of a president in his failed policies and agenda is reprehensible.
The problems of Obamacare are not limited to the website, although it is scandalous they spent millions of dollars to set up and fix it. I bought belt buckles on the Internet, having hundreds of styles to choose from, and the three I ordered arrived in 3 days. I know for a fact the belt buckle company did not spend millions to set up the web page, but then again, it was not set up by our government.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 1:29 pm

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