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The “entitled” deserve so much more

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Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:00 am

On Saturday, July 7, my family and I were some of the many unfortunate travelers who were stuck in the slow-moving traffic on Interstate 10 near Marana. I-10 had been shut down around 6:30 p.m. when a semi traveling in the westbound lanes lost control, crossed the median, dragged some wires from the median and collided with an SUV in the eastbound lanes.

Drivers in both vehicles were OK, but there was damage to I-10, forcing Department of Public Safety officials to close both sides of the Interstate while they waited for the Arizona Department of Transportation to come and make the repairs. Around 8:30 p.m., we came up to the traffic standstill, coming back from Phoenix.

It took us about two hours to move four miles, as they were slowly diverting traffic at the Marana exit.

So, as the four of us were stuck in the car, we started watching as some cars were apparently the “entitled” ones and proceeded one after another to streak up the shoulder of the highway and quickly up to an exit.

While hundreds of cars sat moving slowly as traffic allowed, these people felt they had somewhere they must be sooner, they had some right to move up in the line and didn’t need to follow any kind of etiquette. 

There are moments where you just wish a cop were sitting around the corner waiting. You know, when you have the person excessively speeding, or in this case, thinking that while the rest of us have to wait they shouldn’t have to. It’s these moments where I just wish for a police officer to be standing right at the exit, stopping each car to hand them a ticket and allow them to continue on their way.

After about 20 cars passed up the shoulder, we began noticing that we weren’t the only ones getting frustrated by the “entitled.” Some cars in the right lane began moving over in attempt to block many of these cars. But, to no avail, because these “entitled” people were just in too big of a hurry and would slide into the dirt to go around those daring to block them.

When incidents like this happen, I am in favor of having the required fire crews and police on hand to clear the scene. But, I am also in favor of having another officer on standby to make the “entitled” pay. Set a fine, hand them a ticket and allow them to continue. This way, we raise more revenues in the state, and those wanting to unfairly advance in the line aren’t getting away with thinking that the behavior they’ve just displayed is acceptable.

The sad thing is the “entitled” are everywhere in today’s society. They aren’t just trying to streak up the shoulder of the Interstate, they are also taking the handicapped parking place in front of Blockbuster to return a movie, they are blocking traffic at the local shopping center to pick someone up because they don’t believe they should be required to walk that few hundred feet to their car in the parking lot. They are the ones taking up two parking spaces because they don’t want their truck or car to be scratched.

In all of the cases listed above I wish there would be a fine dedicated to only the “entitled.” They are everywhere, and before long education funding wouldn’t be slashed as much as it has been because Arizona could be exceeding budget expectations through the selfish and “entitled” jerks out there.

And, as a final note, the gentleman at Chevron who refused to open the just closed store doors for a six-year-old to use the restroom after being stuck in the car for four hours is no better than any of the other “entitled” jerks.

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