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It’s time to move on


Despite that fact that we are in the year 2014, one of the issues that continues to be debated is abortion. While I understand the moral debate, believe me I have my thoughts on it, I don’t understand why it continues to be discussed and debated by lawmakers.

January 21, this year, marked the 41st anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade. The justices back in the 1970s upheld legalized abortion before 24 weeks of pregnancy. It may have been more than four decades ago, but it’s continually debated as if the issue is something new on the political spectrum.

This year alone, thousands of anti-abortion activists gathered on the National Mall for the annual “March for Life” rally. Politicians such as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said “Every human life is a precious gift from God, and our law should protect innocent human life.”

On a personal level, I disagree with abortion. I agree with those who feel it’s morally wrong. However, as a woman, I also feel a woman has a right to choose, and I believe we should respect the 40-year-old ruling that was put in place primarily because women were dying in efforts to get illegal abortions.

Now, we have Arizona finding ways to make getting abortions harder. Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law to make it legal to conduct unwarranted searches on abortion clinics.

It’s bills like this that make me point to the Republicans celebrating it and say, “hypocrite.”

When it comes to guns, it’s Republicans who argue constitutional protection, who fight non-stop to stop increased background checks, and create stricter gun laws. However, despite an official Supreme Court ruling deeming an abortion constitutional, it’s Republicans making new laws to stop them, making it a political issue year after year.

While I know I will get the usual guns and abortions are not the same thing – I realize that. What I am saying is laws protected by the constitution are.

Whether an abortion is right or wrong, they are legal and every state spending time debating the issues, or passing ridiculous laws to make a woman seeking one have a harder time, you are wrong and you are doing nothing but wasting money that will have to be spent on legal fees when these laws are challenged in the court system.

A prime example is a recently court ruling in North Dakota where a judge ruled the law that outlawed abortions when there is a heartbeat present, as early as six weeks, is unconstitutional.

In 2013 alone, a CNN report said 24 states adopted 53 anti-abortion measures. On the flip side, 10 states have adopted only 16 pro-life measures.

I believe a growing number of Americans are growing tired of the continual power struggling happening at the state and federal levels. When Republicans have control, they push their issues – ie: making it hard for women to get an abortion. When Democrats have control, they push their main agendas.

At some point, lawmakers need to realize the people are watching and they are tired of the big issues being ignored. In case one or two of them read this, those big issues you seem to forget exist include the economy.

I believe a growing number of middle class families are drowning. Taxes go up, utility rates go up, food costs go up and our paychecks either stay the same or go down. 

We are tapped out, and I for one, am not interested in changing a procedure that was ruled legal by our nation’s higher court 40 years ago.

To those writing these anti-abortion laws session after session, I say get over it and move on. Stop deflecting and move on to fixing real problems.