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Political intrusion into medical issues

Recent stories about SB 1367 requiring doctors to resuscitate any fetus born alive after 20 weeks is another overreach by Arizona politicians, who seem to think that they have a moral obligation and have more medical knowledge then any qualified physician. 

It’s time for Senator Flake to show courage

Parrots! Each and every time there is a mass shooting in our country, our lawmakers sound like parrots. First they offer heartfelt thoughts and prayers, which are meaningless without action. Then, because they are owned by the gun lobby, they oppose common-sense gun safety legislation that helps keep firearms out of dangerous hands. They use their, loud parrot voices and say, “We should enforce the laws already on the books,” Or, “The problem is mental illness, not guns.”

Taxes & cuts: Who is really paying?

The recent article from the (Associated Press) in the last few weeks about the tax break for Intel, and of previous cuts in Arizona corporate income taxes favoring corporations now leaves them owing no tax in our state. 

You Say

Lamenting library closing

My View: What brought on ‘Lock her up’

“Lock her up, lock her up,” over and over again the crowd at the Republican convention chanted. Watching all this, someone who is not familiar with the matter might have concluded that former Secretary Clinton must surely have committed the crime of the century. What brought this on? Was it the four lives that were lost at Benghazi? Or was it Secretary Clinton’s nefarious e-mails?