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A Beast: “Beauty” breaks box office records

The best opening weekend for the month of March ever, Disney’s live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast” hauled in a record-breaking $170 million in the U.S. alone. The wholesome love story also flexed its animation muscle globally, taking in a record $350 million worldwide—making it the biggest PG-rated film opening in North American history and the seventh best grossing weekend of all-time.

“Kong: Skull Island” satisfies low expectations

This gorilla movie offers up  an excellent story  

Remembering Pastiche’s Pat Connors

When I first interviewed Pat Connors more than a decade ago, I learned about the pairing of fried avocados and Irish whiskey.

Marvel’s “Logan” claws to top of the box office

With DC Comics and Marvel adventures spurning film releases at nearly the rate of presidential tweets, these filmmakers must strive for freshness on-screen that goes beyond only well-choreographed action sequences. These studios must balance staying accurate to their comic book inspired storylines while eliciting excitement for continual rollouts of new big-screen superheroes.  

Creole Comforts

Tiffany Eldridge actually prefers the title of bartender over mixologist. She does not ignite drinks on fire, there isn’t a lot of tossing shakers and bottles and above all she just wants you to take the time and enjoy one of her signature creations or a classic libation.