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Laughter on the high seas at The Gaslight Theatre

Sailing the Spanish Main in search of a treasure chest of cursed gold, saving the woman you love and foiling the aspirations of a pirate crew is an endeavor full of adventure, danger and a bit of romance. Add the cast and crew of The Gaslight Theatre to the mix, and the resultant performance is a night of guaranteed fun.

Historic value carries romantic drama “The Promise”

“The Promise” premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival billed as a dual-threat romance and war story. After an enthusiastic reception from festival goers, this early 1900s true Armenian Holocaust account was quickly picked up by a distribution studio and given last weekend as its release date, exactly 102 years after Ottoman Empire authorities rounded up and either deported or killed 1.5 million ethnic Armenians. 

“Gifted” adds up to a splendid movie experience

We’ve been awed by brilliant movie minds before, each attempting to cope with the deep personal pain their special brain powers often creates. Russell Crowe shocked us in “A Beautiful Mind” as a Nobel Laureate in Economics. A young Stephen Hawking at Cambridge was superbly personified by Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne in 2014’s “The Theory of Everything”. And nobody can forget Matt Damon’s 20-year-old character with the skyrocket IQ, sparring in verbal jujitsu opposite Robin Williams in 1997’s “Good Will Hunting.” But lacking from the annals of cinema history is the female child genius whose mind-blowing talents jolt theater audiences. Until now.

Marana Bluegrass Festival promises three days of musical fun

The Marana Bluegrass Festival has always been a family friendly event, but this year’s fifth edition of the multi-day concert at Ora Mae Harn Park is really trying to introduce children to the art form. 

“The Case for Christ” investigates one’s faith

Attending my second faith-based film in as many weeks, the Christian sermons espoused in last week’s “The Shack” and now “The Case for Christ” are both profound and interesting, yet take starkly different paths towards one’s belief in Jesus Christ.  Whereas “The Shack” invoked an exuberating out-of-body experience that sparked a father’s mind and soul to change, “The Case for Christ” is a leaner, more methodical, and circumstantial investigation by a naysayer culminating in his ability to believe, receive, and be with Christ.